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Fundraising at Christ Church

Architect's drawing of proposed kitchen and WC   Architect's drawing of proposed kitchen and WC
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The WelCome and Pipe Up Appeals
were launched on Saturday 6 June 2015.
To find out more about these appeals please read on.

In 2013 many of you responded to our appeal 'Be a Pane' and thanks to your generosity we reached our target of £65,000 by the year end. The majority of the work was completed in 2015, but as we were able to reclaim the VAT in full and make some savings there was enough money to remove and reglaze the south transept window, work which was carried out in Autumn 2015.

At the time we launched the appeal we also planned a subsequent one to improve the social amenities at the church. We had not envisaged a third appeal but our church organ has made it loud and clear it needs some attention! We have therefore decided to adopt an 'Ancient and Modern' approach and run both appeals together in the hope that one or the other or perhaps both will be attractive to you. Concurrent with the appeal we will be organizing various social and fund raising events as well as applying for grants. Please watch out for further news in the parish magazine, weekly news sheet, posters and on this website.

At the present time we do not have final and detailed estimates for all the proposed works, but we can say that the total needed, will be £200,000. Specific details are as follows:-

The opening words of our mission statement read 'A welcoming church.' In order to try to meet this we have already improved the heating system and social area. However, whilst we do have a toilet it is not easily accessible and our kitchen facilities are rudimentary. We want to encourage people to use the church - both for worship and for other activities eg. concerts and meetings. In order to do this we are installing a disabled toilet (legally we are required to be working towards this) as well as some modern kitchen facilities to enable hot and cold drinks to be served along with snacks etc. It is not intended to provide 3 course meals! Finally we also hope to enlarge the present social space on the south side of the church. The picture shown above gives an impression of what is intended - a pull down kitchen with the toilet in the far corner and adjacent to the entrance door. Estimated cost £100,000.

Pipe Up
Although the organ has received regular attention, the last major overhaul was in 1966. Leather on the stops is cracking and this together with a large influx of dirt - probably about 6 years ago when the lead on the roof over the organ was stolen, has meant that increasingly stops stick and the instrument protests. As well as a major overhaul it is intended to add some extra stops to improve the sound and replace the pneumatic action with an electric one, which will also improve access to the organ. Christ Church is a 'musical church' and we are fortunate to have a talented organist as well as a good and dedicated choir. Apart from our own services the organ is used by schools and for concerts. Various estimates have been obtained two of which are just below £100,000 and this is the figure we are budgeting for.

There are a number of ways you can help to make the WelCome and Pipe Up appeals successful. All gifts are appreciated - though we prefer tax-efficient ones because your generous donation gets topped up by government Gift Aid (which adds 25p to every £1 given).

If you wish to donate to Christ Church online please Click Here
(MyDonate reclaim your Gift Aid in full and send it to us)

Cheques or cash should be sent / handed to one of:
bullet The Parishes Office, 41 Church Lane, Eaton, Norwich, NR4 6NW
bullet Our Vicar - Patrick Richmond
bullet One of our Churchwardens - Vivien Humber or David Scott

Cheques should be made payable to Eaton Christ Church.
Please don't send cash by post.
Please mark your envelope with your 'giftwish' - WelCome and/or Pipe Up and include a completed Gift Aid form if you are a tax payer. (Please Click Here for a form). Donations for both appeals will be split equally between the two projects.

All donations will be acknowledged. Thank you.